Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new president

i was practicing my jingle bells midterm for piano when i overheard the television say

!   !   !

what an exciting day in history. plus i'm pretty sure i've got jignle bells down for my midterm. now i gotta go pick up my laundry.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Power Outages

Why the hell did the power go out this evening? I was at school when Kristan texted me saying her and Dio were walking up 12th and the power was out. Then they went to Beulahland and it was out there too. Then Simon called and said the power was out at home. When I was on the 19 going over the Burnside bridge everything was out. It was weird and creepy and somewhat scary considering tomorrow is Election Day and its a pretty huge step for this country and some people, it could be a pretty amazing day in History. Maybe.
Anyways, school was, well school I guess. I usually strongly dislike Mondays because my day is so spread out, I have 2, 2 hour breaks. And I'm there from 10 am until 7 pm and it's tiring. My last class is Electronic Media, and I have a 2 hour lab before that where I sit in front of a computer, attempting to learn how to use Digital Performer. We missed out on 2 labs at the start of the year, so I'm behind. I haven't gotten through the tutorials because the program is intense and confusing and I have a fucking percussion project due for my mid-term I just found out today, which I haven't started on.
But today the lecture part of class wasn't so bad. Usually I'm nodding off at my desk, on the contrary this evening, we got to listen to other people's percussion projects and after that Dan went into a bit of History on Electronic music. Old Synths, MOOG's and shit. Listened to some strange old music. Some by a person who was a genius man who remade Bach on a 4 track or something like that and then he got a sex change. Some by a band called Bread, The Beatle and others. I'm gonna download some bread. The guy had a great voice, awesome harmonies. 
Anyways, it was a good class yet I fear for my percussion project because I'm not too sure I have the inspiration to make anything good. Although I did hear someone's today and I thought it was pretty lame. There was another by a Asian kid I've never even seen in my class that killed it. One by this pierced face metal dude whose always touring and own a record label and I wasn't sure about it. It was really odd timing. I'm not sure it was my cup of tea, but the teacher dug it. 
I might be a little too anal retentive to get this thing done. In a week. I will have to will my drinking time to steal someone else's lab time in order to create a master piece! I must and I will and everyone will be in awe because I am the only person in the program that does not play an instrument or sing.