Monday, February 16, 2009

rob & BIG

these guys make so much money. i want to make money. not that i desperately need money right now, i just desire a large amount in order to do some things.
at this moment these things are, in no particular order;

1. go up & down the oregon coast and tour & photograph all the lighthouses with a holga. hopefully simon is still planning on buying me a holga for my birthday so i don't have to put that on my list as well. for the time being we'll just leave it off.

2. pay off my credit card debt, medical bills & student loans

3. travel to mexico, los angeles, new york city and take pictures with my holga.

4. buy a house in portland. with hardwood floors.

5. go down by the train tracks and take pictures with my holga.

6. buy a pair of those vintage nike's.

7. take a vacation to kah-nee-tah and swim in the warm springs, go horseback riding, play mini-golf & gamble in the casino.

Monday, February 9, 2009

letting lies fly

all is well, indeed with everything. i am really excited about traveling as i booked a flight with lauren, asia and mary to new orleans at the end of april to visit the south with our fellow southern friends who left to go back a few days ago. it's going to be perfect. the weather will be prime and i'll get to re-hash on some lost childhood memories. also hangout on the beautiful beach in florida. camping and adventuring, jamming and tanning. swimming in the gulf. a awesome belated spring break if you will.
pretty busy with school and interning with mike thrasher again. i was hoping to score another internship and book for PDXPOPNOW! but i guess everything can't go my way. it's my own fault, i responded to the e-mail too late. but hey, what can you do?
currently, i'm missing my friend kristen. i'm also feeling a bit down about caring for my friends. i seems to sit on situations for too long and when i honestly try to do some good it just back fires and as someone told me "diareeha comes spewing out of your mouth." so, i guess i'll just keep it closed from now own, if they care not for the truth. i guess it's not really bothering me considering their group of friends volunteered me to confront them about it. i don't know why i went along. i didn't even want to, but after much persuasion and bickering, that shit came spewing from my mouth. i guess the truth is hard to handle, especially when you have a good heap of lies to burrow through first.
i'm happy. i'm no liar. damn glad too.