Monday, February 16, 2009

rob & BIG

these guys make so much money. i want to make money. not that i desperately need money right now, i just desire a large amount in order to do some things.
at this moment these things are, in no particular order;

1. go up & down the oregon coast and tour & photograph all the lighthouses with a holga. hopefully simon is still planning on buying me a holga for my birthday so i don't have to put that on my list as well. for the time being we'll just leave it off.

2. pay off my credit card debt, medical bills & student loans

3. travel to mexico, los angeles, new york city and take pictures with my holga.

4. buy a house in portland. with hardwood floors.

5. go down by the train tracks and take pictures with my holga.

6. buy a pair of those vintage nike's.

7. take a vacation to kah-nee-tah and swim in the warm springs, go horseback riding, play mini-golf & gamble in the casino.

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