Thursday, July 16, 2009

getting fucked in the ass in the name of love

Maui Wowie,
I wish you were here with my right now. I need a chill pill, chill kill. My awesome sister just walked off on my in downtown hippieassfuckdykesvilleve. AKA Eugene, Oregon. Oh yeah, that was awesome since I haven't lived here for the last 7+ years and I don't know my way around. So, I walked back to my OTHER sisters house from, a bar somewhere downtown. In tears, you may ask. Yeah. Out of frusturation. Mad my supposed "boyfriend" won't answer his phone until the 6th time I call. Then when the 6th time comes around he says he didn't answer because he was "wrangling the casts in."
Since when did it take anyone an hour to wrangle cats? I mean, I give up after 10 minutes of hollerin.
Even cooler, he called me back in the midst of me leaving a rude but honest message about my situation - then when I answered his call, he didn't even bother to ask me - "What's up?"
To break it down for you, I have a careless, heartless sister AND boyfriend.
JUST what I've always wanted.
WOE is me.
wah wah wah.
What I want is Jason Segel to be quite honest. And other not to be mentioned. Really what I want is to be back in Portland in the arms of my dear, sincere friends who actually seem to care about me. I miss Rachel & Golider & Nina & everyone.
What I want is to get through school and be successful.
I want to be in ATL with KRISTEN.
I want K to be here.
I want to be fucking appreciated by people I put time into. For example, my "sister" and my "boyfriend"
what a fucking joke. i have a better chance of winning the trillion dollar lottery than be a part of their fucking miniscule heart.
i just ask for and expect too much.

lesson of the day:
you're fucked no matter how much work you put into it. the end

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