Thursday, June 18, 2009


Looking for a job is a huge pain in the ass. Working for free equally of an annoyance. Mind you, it doesn't bother me interning and getting diddly-squat for my time, hard work and effort. Even more, after doing intern business for awhile, it bothers me the company interning for doesn't offer me a job. Even a part-time job, I mean, what the fuck else are you supposed to intern for? Experience, I know. I've got it now. When a position arises in a company you intern for, wouldn't you think they may interview or approach you about that job?
Apparently not.
So, I'm gonna start researching and laying down some ideas to start something on my own. I'm sick of being unemployed and unemployable because I'm extending my services to all the wrong places. 
I had ideas earlier when I was really pissed off, 3 martinis later they've left the building. I'll figure something out, like always. I've just always been told that hard work pays off. 
Mother Fuck it does. Fuck everyone.

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Goldie Davich said...

Wanna brainstorm and get some shit done?