Thursday, June 4, 2009

responsible, not

So Goldie keeps telling me to blog, what about I don't know. Today I didn't go to school again. I went out last night for my friend Nina's Birthday and watched a bunch of fools sing at Chopsticks. I sat around and talked with Bryan Swain & Era Erik, whom I went to High School with. I talked to Charles about how racially undiverse Portland really is, and how miserable he is here. I ordered another beer or 5 in between all these things. I also met another guy I went to high school with. His name was Michael, and I didn't remember him 1. because I was a stoner and didn't talk to anyone who wasn't cool like me 2. He was a drama-nerd.
I'm currently listening to a mix-cd my good friend Rachel made me, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This song is very dancey and makes me want to drink and dance. There are some hip-hop songs that made me want to get stoned.
I cleaned my house after I got caught in the 5 minute storm. So, since I was soaked I went to the Ash and found Dio & Simon and drank and then ate Simons grilled cheese & tomato. 
I skipped school all week because I went out and got drunk every night. I have finals next week that I haven't thought about, let alone study for.
I have to compose a 2-part invention for my theory class that I haven't even been to in a week. I haven't started the fucking piece either. I also need to edit a modal mirror I wrote for theory, but you know, I really don't feel like doing either of those two things. I need to write up a paper about my internship, I need to write a paper about a seminar, I need to practice a song and ninth chords for my keyboard harmony class. I need to pay some bills. I need to get a job for the summer.  I need to go to Eugene to visit my sisters and mom. And my Grandpas grave. And my Grannys grave, if she even has one. And visit my aunt and cousin in Eugene. 
I need to really find a job, bad. I should probably concentrate on finishing all this shit for school, but I'd rather have a beer. See ya in a minute Hamms.

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