Thursday, March 26, 2009

desperate times...

They don't necessarily call for desperate measures. Maybe just more, thoughtful, ideal, dyi measures. After rummaging through my penny jar to find enough nickels and dimes to get a nic fix, I decided to be done with the web. Promptly after doing so, I got back on the web and looked for an easy fix. I googled just about everything imaginable to someone who has a sewing machine, art supplies and a brand new bottle of glue. simple sewing projects, simple curtain patterns, simple sun dress patterns, etc. Out of these I found my new favorite blog, it's so inspiring! http://angrychicken.typepad/angry_chicken It refuses to copy & paste for some reason, so I hope that works, either way, google it and you'll find it I'm sure. I want to be this woman! And how bizarre is it that she is from Portland? So all the little shops she talks about going to find these stamps, projects, papers and stuff and only a bike-ride away? Totally amazed right now. I have been making cards. I found this great vintage organ book at Value Village in Eugene over the weekend. I stole this idea from my friend, Kristen, who gave me my Christmas card in an envelope made from music paper. She also wrapped the little boxes of magnets she made for me in the sheet music paper she found at the bins - digressing... Anyhow, I got some of this organ sheet music and started making Birthday cards. My Dad & Kristens Birthday happens to fall on the same day. I went through my little art box and magically found some red-board paper - still enough to glue to the inside of a hamburger-style folded piece of sheet music and write a cute little birthday note. I also had all these cheesy scrap-booking things I had got from a garage sale when I was probably 15. Including a small pack with stars and balloons. Balloons are perfect for any Birthday, but the stars were great considering my Dad turned the big FIVE-OH this year. The first 2 were shabby, as I haven't practiced arts & crafts since I was in Elementary school - but this third one I'm working on is proving to look better thus far. It's for my friend Rachel - the card so far includes the sheet music with a big star - the middle of the star is cut out to frame a picture, so I had to find the best cheesy moment picture I had from photography of her. It's a bit dark, so I won't be able to scan it, but it's the closest to perfect I got. On the star is also a ribbon and balloon - so I think it will come out well. I still need to trim the red paper down for the interior and then trim out the exterior. Point being, it's fun! And easy! What would make it easier is if I had some money to go buy some much needed supplies like a good pair of scissors, a cutting board, some more tough paper and pens to decorate and stamps. Maybe, when I become an art major, after I'm done with doing my whole business major but not before the veterinary thing - first I just got to get done with this music thing. I got all A's and one C this term - it screwed my GPA that C it did, but it's much better than I expected and much more than I deserved. I did go through a lot this term - and I think my other teachers that to my Theory teacher who gave me the C instead of failing me which is what I expected. Thanks to God or whomever he didn't. I am going to work my ass off this term to get a better GPA - I believe it's at 3.66 as of now, not including previous colleges - 3.4 would be my guess all together. I'm due for another smoke - what is it when you don't smoke all day then feel the need to catch up? I'm not sure, maybe its just the nicotine is just not sufficient enough in these rolled cigarettes. I'm going to try to post pictures of these projects. I'm feeling ballsy right now only because of this current inspiration, who knows what will happen tomorrow.

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